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Hey There

This is Misty Fulgencio and I am the founder and now Executive Director at DFW Women's Club, Inc.  Thanks for stopping by and learning more about our membership programs.

Did you know?

Did you know we have been establishing an amazing women's group on Facebook since 2019. It is something that I am so passionate about because I wish I had the tools sooner in my life to help me be successful not in just business but be successful and whole as a person.


We have over 10,000 women in the DFW area now and we are adding more people each day. You know why? Because we have what women are looking for. Ways to build friendships, networking, self improvement events and opportunities.

DFW Women's Club just recently, at the end of 2022, became a nonprofit organization and we are officially a 501(c)(3). We are ecstatic about the opportunities we will have to give back to the community through volunteering, loving on others, being women's number one cheerleaders and we hope you will join us in our mission.

Your membership, is tax deductible and will help fund our scholarships for women to attend our events, scholarships for young women to help with college or trade schools, to give to our community and help other charities in the DFW Metroplex.



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